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Friday, April 29

Learn Green in Alter Space University

With the situation of the world today it is just right that people must do everything to save the planet. We all live here and all of us must play our part in making the world a better place to live in. That’s what most environmentalists would say to you.

I am thankful that during my college days I was able to meet interesting people that helped me in shaping my future. One of those interesting people is Dr. Edwin Monares, the founder of SAVE ME Movement. Yes, I became one of senior members of the organization. Though I did not strive to be one of the officers, I lived the organization’s ideology by heart. I treat the organization as one of my family.

save me picture

SAVE ME Movement stands for Student’s Action Vital to the Environment and Mother Earth Movement, its ideology is not similar to any environmental organization. It is different and it dares to be different. The organization aims and targets the individual or the social environment. The intention is to save the individual from ignorance of the environment and their bad habits. We need to save ourselves first and that’s why it is coined as SAVE ME. The individual, which is the common problem, is also the solution. By instilling good views and proper attitude towards the environment, the world will eventually change its course of extinction to a better world to live in.
This video is created by one of the chapters of SAVE ME Movement

So being a MOVER, that’s what the members are called, it’s our task to become an environment police. It is our duty to inform people that we need to conserve energy and save the environment even in a little way that we can. Like in my experience, whenever I see teenagers or adults littering, I immediately approached them and ask them to kindly throw their trash in a proper place. Simple but if everyone will be taught like that there will be no litters. Even my officemates I try to impose to them that they should throw their garbage in the right place. Also, being a father, I encourage my son to do the same and I was amazed that he is also practicing it.
All it takes is a little tap to make everyone to do the same and one good example of it is the Alter Space. Alter Space is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook that will for sure enjoy by all facebook users. I did enjoy playing the game and I have learned that we should lessen our carbon emission because excreting body waste is one of the main activities with large amount of carbon emission. So uses of appliances and other materials that emits large amount of carbon emission should be minimized. They got lots of Tips on how to conserve energy or lower carbon emissions there so check it out. Anyone can try out the game here and enjoy.
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