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Friday, April 29

Learning Curve's Dinosaur Train

Daddy Yashiro's Journal has always tried to find toys and computer softwares that are safe for kids.  From our previous posts we have found an internet browser that is safe for our kids that we don't have to worry about them getting on an adult page.  It was called the Kidzui, which we were also using in our house and my son, Maki uses it when he is searching the internet for videos and games that he wants to play.
So for today, I am featuring one of the Sponsors that browser and the one that also keeps Kidzui Browser FREE of use for our kids.  Their sponsor, the has created something extraordinary for the kids, they are introducing one of the creations the Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures with Smart Talk Technology.  This toy has over 50 dino sounds and phrases that kids will sure enjoy playing with it.  Hear it roars below...
Unfortunately these lovable toys are only available in the US and some other countries.  There are no distributors here in the Philippines.  Too bad!  I think most of the good toys are always on the other side of the world.   Anyway we will just have to wait till it is available here in the Philippines but those who are in the said area well your lucky so go get your kids with this toys.  

Do you find any good toys like this? Share it here with us!
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