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Friday, April 15

Maki's Quest With the Samsung Smart TV

This is a fictional story entirely created as entry for the Samsung Smart TV's Thing You Can Do With a Samsung Smart TV.  So enjoy!

The iblog7 summit, the gathering of the most powerful bloggers in the blogosphere, they are the ones who can shake and tremble the entire net community. A single click of their fingers can instantly change everything. They are the masters.
A sudden change of events occurred, in this particular time they were powerless. Their worst enemy, Writer’s Block had started its darkest plan. The entire net community was attacked with a single snap and taken the core, the source of power of all blog masters. It was Writer’s Block’s new found army and power did everything. Everything and everyone is in chaos.

In order to address the present situation, the Grand Chancellor of the iblog 7 summit summoned all the blog masters of the net community. They convened and make a decision of striking back at Writer’s Block’s army. Without power but only guts few brave men volunteered to fight the battle. With the core taken by Writer’s Block, winning seems impossible for the net community.

While the city was in chaos, not far from the net community gates, a young boy named Maki is playing with an electronic puzzle was surprised by an old man. Son can you give me a glass of water, without hesitation, Maki went inside their house and get a glass of water. He gave it to the old man hoping that he could relieve the old man’s thirst. The old man gave thanks to the boy and as gratitude the boy was rewarded with a magical TV, a Samsung Smart TV. It was thin and light not like the ordinary TV that he always see. “What should I do with this?” the boy asked. “You’ll need that very soon.” The old man replied and vanishes in a snap. Mesmerized and puzzled he looked at the TV and sighed.

While trying to figure out how the TV works, Writer’s Block’s army lead by Gen. Distraction attached Maki’s neighborhood. All the people were screaming for help, they were in turmoil. Maki accidentally turned on the Samsung Smart TV and with a single swish of his finger a wonderful clean surround sound music was played. It was like music of an angel that made Gen. Distraction and his army stopped. They were still and amazed by the sound. They became at peace and Gen. Distraction is no more distraction. It was one of the magic of the Samsung Smart TV.

The incident reached the iblog7 summit. They immediately summoned Maki together with the so called magical TV. In the middle of the summit Maki together with the magical TV was presented to the crowd of blog masters. They were all murmuring and whispering. The entire convention became a bee hive with all like buzzing bees. One of the blog masters suddenly blurted “What kind of a TV is that?” With permission from the Grand Chancellor, Maki replied “it’s a magical TV!” What’s that have to do with us fighting with Writer’s Block?” one of the blog master shouted. “If you have heard of the incident, this TV harnessed by Maki, magically turns Writer’s Block’s army into a peace loving army”, the Grand Chancellor replied. “Maybe we can use its power to fight Writer’s Block” added by the Grand Chancellor.

With their desire to defeat Writer’s Block and his army they formed a team with Maki as one of the member and keeper f the magical TV. The team will embark on a quest to Writer’s Block’s layer and defeat him. They waste no time and started the journey.
Through their journey they were able to harness the power of the magical Samsung Smart TV. With Maki as the keeper, one was able to harness the power of twittering and other social media. With just one click he can raise the entire community to raise arms. The second was able to use its power of browsing the internet to get items and equipments in a very good deal. They’ll need it. The third was able to break barriers of communication with the use of Skype enabled application of the magical TV. He can easily contact the main headquarters for back up. The fourth was able to harness the power of discernment through viewing of the news and traffic. He would know where to go better and could easily know the situation of the place they are going. The fifth was able to master path finding through the use of Google map and other locator, with the wide screen of the magical TV he can easily track down the whereabouts of the place of the enemy. The five blog master with the help of the magical Samsung Smart TV were able to gain and develop their powers while Maki, still unknown of what more he can do. When they reached Writer’s Block’s layer, they all fought hard and vigorously. The clashes can be heard all over the place. They triumphantly defeated Writer’s Block’s army but little did they know that Writer’s Block has more trick under his coat. He unleashed and shoots his lazy’s electric web, capturing the five masters. They couldn’t move and their powers are being sucked by the web. Leaving entirely the fight to little Maki. With intense concentration, thinking the welfare of their city, and the will to win he was able to connect with the magical Samsung Smart TV and release the power of virtual reality. Creating a real life like army of powerful centurions beaming with high definition made Writer’s Block tremble in fear and surrendered. They have won the battle. They went back home and celebrate their victory.

Maki became the keeper of the Samsung Smart TV in the city and the TV became their source of power. Their crafts were much more harnessed and developed. With the peace, they all lived happily ever after.
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