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Thursday, April 7

A Venue for Pinoy Daddy Bloggers

With my years of blogging, though I'm not that really old in the blogosphere, and bragging about parenting on the court side of a typical daddy, I haven't heard or read some pinoy daddy bloggers in the blogosphere.  I'm just wondering why is it that there seems no community of pinoy daddy bloggers existing in the blogosphere.   Is it because there are quite few daddy bloggers who brags about their parenting style or there's no means or venue for us daddy bloggers to have at least a little gathering and talk about our parenting style.

Sometimes this is very frustrating for dads, especially for those who are really a Stay At Home Dads or SAHD, that there are quite few events being held for the kids and their dads.  Though we all know that Dads are more quiet with regards to raising kids and managing the household.  Still, there should be at least few to boost up the moral of all Dads whether they are working 8 to 5 or just a plain SAHD.

Dads are more concern with their pride thing because of the connotation that Dads are the head of the family and he should be the hunter not the keeper of the house.  Maybe in the in the age of the Caveman this is quite disturbing but on this era, well, I think there's nothing wrong with being a full time SAHD or a part time SAHD.  Like most women would always brag "Women can do what men do" so let's take it also brag that "Men can do what women do" so it's just fair that men should be considered also.  Though we all know, if everyone would agree, that none can outdo the other.  Both are created equally but also equally different in many ways.

Perhaps companies and advertiser should start considering the different side of Dads and not focus on the odd things that most Dads do.  So if ever they would read this it would be great for Dads to have activities with their family, especially for those who are full time SAHD.  Bragging and telling something about parenting or kids stuff is hard for Dads but it takes guts to do it, especially in a society where Dads are called "Under de Saya" (taking cover under the skirt of a female).


  1. yeah..napansin ko rin yun...maybe some daddy think blog is for girly stuff would be cute if theres daddy blogger..

  2. Perhaps an initiative to find other daddy bloggers and have a little niche of our own. But of course that would be all about kids stuff, being a husband, and a father. Sana makahanap ako ng iba pang daddy bloggers.


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