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Saturday, April 9

Plush Aroma Pillow Sleep Aid- Polar Cub

Polar Cub Plush Aroma Pillow from

Most kids now are having problem with their sleeping habits, especially during night time. Just like my kid his been having or should I say that we're having a hard time putting him to sleep. Sometimes and even though that he was already lying down, well he goes up and waiting for everyone to go to sleep already. I know it's bad for kids to be awake past their bed times. It affects their development.

While looking for some items and stuff for babies on, this one intrigues me. The Pluh Aroma Pillow Sleep Aid - Polar Cub. Aside from its cuteness for being white and cuddly, bears are surely huggable if they are inanimate like the one above.

So what does this Plush aroma pillow can do to us and to our kids. According to them this Polar Cub Plush Aroma Pillow can help and ease the problems of nannies in putting kids into bed. This Plush pillow has a removable lavender scented pouch. An eco-friendly hypoallergenic bamboo or on the go.

To make your interest pushed more perhaps a more detailed things on what this pillow/toy can do to our kids and to us.
  • Pediatrician recommended pillow size
  • Removable fitted pillowcase
  • Removable scent pouch with Cloud B's exclusive aromatherapy lavender blend
  • Pillowcase is machine washable and plush cover is surface washable
  • Removable inner pillow with soft cotton outer casing
I pray that this information can help most of the people in need..
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