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Tuesday, April 19

Swimming Experience At Bosay

It is summer time again and Pinoys or Filipinos do love to go to the beach or even in a resort in the middle of the city. It's a time for us to cool down, relax and have some fun under the sun. It is the time to set aside work and enjoy the company of your love ones. And the best part is.... it is FREE! Yup! The so called summer get away for a day is free. What we only spend is our fare to my wife's office.

The getaway is a yearly activity conducted in Mommy's office where they enjoined the whole family to an outing. This is to have at least a bonding moment with the family of their employees. When Mommy started working in their company Maki and I have been occasionally invited in some of their activities. It was fun! This will be the second year that we are invited and included in the outing. Good thing that Mommy is still okay with the travel thing and it is good enough that it is just almost near Metro Manila.

For this year's summer outing they, my wife's company, choose the place somewhere in Antipolo City, Rizal. I think it is just a less than hour ride from Quezon City but because of the “I know that” attitude of the driver and his aide unfortunately made the travel a little bit longer. Which is almost two hours I think? The problem is that two of the passenger is pregnant. They only realized that they did not know the place when most of passenger started asking where the place is. I, myself, don’t know the place but only know that it is in Antipolo because Mommy told me. Also, I was wondering why they went on a different route. Mommy handed out the map and unfortunately… YES WE ARE LOST! What’s more annoying is that the driver and the aide complained that they should have given the map earlier. Waahh! What a jerk! A driver that doesn’t know how to navigate around the area! What’s worse is that they already have the map and they still don’t know how to navigate how to get to the place. Grrr… very irritating! I wonder how they got to pass with their driver’s license. Hmm…

Because of the long travel our son, Maki, were starting to tantrums. That was what we thought of but a few minutes later Maki puke on me. He was already dizzy during that time and that’s because of the driver who thought he knew the place but unfortunately doesn’t really know any at all.
So we finally got there, at last! The sun was almost high already and the heat is starting to get stronger. One of my wife’s officemate was already there and manages to choose a very nice spot. Near the CR! After seeing the place at least the annoyance with the driver pave off because of the inviting look of the place and the relaxing ambiance. The place is called Bosay which can be found inside the city of Antipolo. To why it is called Bosay, well just watch out for the article on one of my blog

We settled first and took our first munch of the day, breakfast! Since Mommy is the one in charge of the preparations, Maki and I decided to stroll around and look at the place. Maki became my model and we did a lot of photo shoot. We even went out of the gate to look at the front. After a few minutes of stroll we decided to go back and tag along mommy.

The place was very big and there are lots of pools to choose from. We visited almost all of the pools but enjoyed only in some of it and for the reasons that, first, there two pools requires swimsuit and trunks when swimming, second, mommy couldn’t swim with us on deep waters because of her condition, and third, we’re thinking of Maki where he could enjoy most. In totality the entire place was well themed and aside from the cool place their fee is just right. The only thing that I personally don’t like about the place is the steep way to one of the parking area. Perhaps they could at least lessen the steepness of the road to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Swimming time was great but couldn’t fully enjoy the swim because Daddy has to keep an eye of Maki. When Maki felt the water… poof he don’t want to get off the water. He enjoyed it so much that he tantrums whenever we went off the pool to eat or drink. So what I did is I just somehow taught him how to paddle his feet when on water and showed him not to open his mouth when swimming on the water. I did try to let him swim alone but the place is the too crowded for Maki to learn how to swim.

After the swimming Mommy and her boss agreed to visit the Antipolo Church and buy some “Pasalubong” or present. Antipolo is famous for their “suman” or rice cake wrapped in coconut leaves and “kasoy” or cashew nuts. I also managed to take a photo of the market area and also talked to some of the locals about the design of their tricycle which I am going to feature in So better watch out for some of our travels in

The day is about to end and everyone did enjoyed the swimming. With a little bit of tan and aching body we went home and rested.

How about you? What is your plan or what did you do to enjoy summer?
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