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Monday, April 18

Why Does the Cheering Stop?

This was supposed to be posted yesterday after Church Service.  I really do missed sharing Sunday's Church Service Messages or to many it is commonly called "Sermon" but I prefer to have it called as the "message".  For one thing, that's the intention, to bring the message of God.   And as a father, it is one of my role to bring forth and lead my family in not only attending Church Service but in actually living the Christian way.   I know I'm not a perfect father and not a perfect Christian but I am striving to become a better Christian and praying to live a Christ centered life.

Yesterday was a very fine day for us.  Maki is just in a very fine mood.  No bad tantrums.  And because of that we were able to listen and digest the "message".  So open your heart, read, and digest.  I may not be able to convey the entire message but I am praying to have at least the gist of it.
I'm not sure to whom this is credited by I got this picture
from this blog Young Minds of Pandan
The title of the our Pastor's message is "WHY DOES THE CHEERING STOP?" and topic is based on Luke 19:28-40.  As we all know yesterday, Sunday was called the Palm Sunday.  Most of the Christians commemorate this event as the triumphant entry of Christ in Jerusalem.  Everyone was cheering and shouting "Hosanna in the highest!  Blessed is he who comes!"  They were cheering and swaying palm leaves and laying branches, clothes, and leaves on the ground as Christ enters the city.   This was the introduction of the message.  Why does the cheering of all the followers of Christ suddenly stop?

To give a better view of the scenario according to the knowledge imparted by our Pastor, the triumphant entry of Christ in Jerusalem is a perfect timing.  Why?  Because it is the "Pass Over Feast" which was according to the Jews history it was the time of Moses that the pass over happens.  That was the time that the Angel of death came down and take the life of all the first born son.  They will only be saved if there is a paint of blood on their doors which was called the "Pass Over".  The pass over of death.   This feast is considered a holiday, meaning the ban thing is lifted and the Jews can do nearly anything without worrying that the Roman Soldiers will arrest them.  So it is the perfect timing that Christ entered into the city because they don't have to worry getting arrested by the Roman Soldiers and what they are doing is considered as legal.   Also during that time they were under the Roman Empire.  So the Jews are longing for a King to save them and removed them from the rule of the Roman Empire.

When Christ have entered the city he did not went straight to the governor of the city but went instead to the temple.  There He was in rage clearing all the stores in front of the temple.  That was the time that the cheering stop.  The followers of Christ suddenly stop cheering.  Our Pastor further explained that the followers were dismayed of Christ action.  They were wondering why is it that the one they are calling the King of Jerusalem and the deliverer is in rage with the people, which are also Jews who happens to have stores in front of the temple, and why not put the rage on the Roman Empire.  The Pastor conveyed the message that the Jews are in rage and Christ knows what is their hearts desire.  They desire to put rage on the Roman Soldier and they wanted it to end.  Just like in our hearts Christ couldn't make a triumphant entry in our life if we in ourself does not accept Christ as our sole navigator of our life.   We as Christian should not just become followers of Christ but instead become born again who trust and puts his faith onto the Christ.   Followers only follows if the desire of their heart is met but becoming a born again is having the faith, keeping it strong no matter what is the outcome of the prayer.

It is true that most of us tries to follow only if what we prayed for is granted but what about if it is not answered.  So for me the message is that we should always put our trust and faith to the Lord no matter what.
If we put our trust and faith Christ will sure have a triumphant entry in our life.

How about you? What was Christ message to you?
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