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Friday, April 1

Zebebe's Whoozit Wrap Along

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The toy that I'll be showcasing today is not toys for the kids but toys which are loved by most babies.  Of course babies like to see moving objects and bright colored materials, specifically toys.  Since my wife is going give another angel in the family we are trying to get most of the things that Maki did used when he was still a baby.  I know not entirely all of that things will still be useful so we will just have to buy another items in replacement of that worn out item or items.

Now this toy is called the Whoozit Wrap Along by Manhattan.  Features of this toy are colorful dangling shapes, a rattle sound, a squeaker that is hidden and the last one is the bright Whoozit graphics.  Like I have mentioned earlier babies do love bright colors and specially when it is moving around them.  This toy is a wrap on toy which comes with an adjustable hook-and-loop straps that can attached almost on everything.  I haven't tried or bought something from them yet and try for our upcoming baby.
For those wanted to have this Whoozit Wrap just click the link and use the code to get discounts "yashiro".
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