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Sunday, May 15

A Blessing and A Trial Part 1

It was Wednesday afternoon, I was in the office busy finalizing the needed documents for the liquidation of the recently concluded Operation Tuli which was held at Brgy. Bantog, Tarlac City. I was busy when my cellular phone received a text message. I picked it out of my pocket and read it… “Dy dinudugo ako. Dadalhin ako hospital” (Dy I’m bleeding. They’re going to rush to the hospital). My first response to myself and which I send a text message also was “Why?”. It was a question which made me wonder why it happens to my wife. It’s not yet her term to deliver the baby. As I was doing finishing my work I was shaky and worried. After finishing the document I went to my boss and told him what happened. I hurriedly pick up my bag and went straight out of the office. I’m in Clark at that moment. It takes one to two hours to travel from there to Manila.

The travel back to Quezon City seems long. My thoughts are wondering while on travel though I take a nap from time to time, still, it seems so long. I keep on praying for my wife and the baby’s safety. We had some exchanges of communication though my wife is already bleeding. Then they texted me that they were already in General Miguel Malvar Hospital and I was instructed to withdraw Php5,000.00 as addition to the initial deposit. The deposit was Php10,000.00 and my wife only brought Php5,000.00. We were not expecting something like this to happen. We haven’t fully prepared everything. Finances, Mommy and baby’s clothing, all were not yet prepared.

After a few hours of travel I finally arrived at Quezon City. I first withdraw the said amount before going straight to the hospital. When I came to the hospital, my wife was already in the Operating Room. Ate Jho, a co-worker of my wife was there at the door of the Operating Room waiting. She explained to me what happened and also informed me that my mother-in-laws just went home to get some clothes and other things that will be needed for the delivery.
gelosbirth2We only have prepared quite few of the baby’s clothes and the rest we don’t have it yet. We haven’t bought anything yet for the baby, most of them were hand me down from relatives. It was planned to buy things this weekend but it seems that we will just have to content for what we have right now. The main concern is that both of them will be okay during the operation.

Deep in my mind I was praying for their safety. I’m praying to the Lord to give them the strength and protection that they need. A few minutes later the attending Pediatrician came out of the door and was looking for the father. I presented myself. Though she introduced herself I wasn’t giving attention about her name, what I wanted to hear already is the condition of my wife and my son. I was a little bit relieved when she said that the baby is already out and my wife is okay. I was thrilled and excited to see the baby but was suddenly exchange with fear when the she explained that the baby was premature. He was only 31 weeks. He didn’t even reached the period of the full term. The Pedia further explained that the baby’s condition right that moment was critical, for the reason that he’s premature and can easily get infections and his lungs hasn’t fully develop yet so he’ll be having a hard time breathing on his own. He was already placed inside the incubator with an oxygen apparatus on him. The Pediatrician showed me his condition. I was in awe seeing how little he is and how cute he is but I also feel sad that he has to stay inside the incubator. With that moment I didn’t even had a chance to take a picture of him. I was still in awe and worried during that time.

It is a trial for us to take. Unsure of how long will our baby is going stay inside the incubator and worst is unsure of his condition. We really need to keep that faith to God that he will protect our baby, make him well and strong enough. It is truly a trial and a test of faith. I’m sure everyone was praying for our family.

Later on Dr. Yaneza, my wife’s OB came out of the room. She explained to me what had happened. It was a matter of life that she had decided to go already with the operation. She further explained that my wife’s pregnancy was one of the cases that happen to some pregnant women. My wife's pregnancy was placenta first before the baby which caused the bleeding. According to her it was already programmed to be that way when the baby was conceived, the good thing is that it was treated immediately.
gelosbirth5 gelosbirth4 
It is a blessing and an answered prayer that they both get through the delivery. Tired and sleepy my mother-in-law and I decided to just wait for my wife in the hospital room while waiting for my wife to recover. As I was thanking God I feel asleep.
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