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Tuesday, May 17

A Blessing and A Trial Part 2

When I woke up my wife isn’t there yet so I said to my mother-in-law that I will go home for a while and get some additional things. So I went home and I was able to have a little breath and exhaled the problem to my mother and to my sister. I asked for prayers for both, my wife and our second baby. Later I opened my facebook account and posted a message requesting for prayers. I know that the most powerful tool on earth is prayer. The more people pray for my family the safer and the stronger we are in facing such difficult times. I’m still shocked. I couldn’t believed that it happened so fast. We don’t have anything. Good thing that I still have Php5,000.00 money remaining in my ATM but the problem is that we won’t have anything to buy for our daily needs, especially for Maki’s needs. Hay… today is such a very hard trial but I am thankful to those people who have sent their sympathy and prayers to us.
facebook post and comments
I prepared the things and went off back to the hospital. When I get there my wife is already inside the room, resting. I sighed and thanked God my wife was already there. That was the first time that I see her for the day. Her belly was a little bit smaller now. She was still groggy and tired. She was really down and was instructed not to do much talking for that instance to avoid air getting inside her stomach. She needs to rest and that’s what she really needs after that operation and unexpected experience.
Though I’m tired and sleepy I still manage to take care of my wife and watched over her. I’m sure who in the world would get to sleep in that kind of situation. I didn’t talk much with my wife for that time. Though I get some naps, nurses do come in almost every hour to check my wife’s vital signs.

Almost midnight when one of the nurses instructed me to go the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to talked to the attending physician. The doctor explained to me the situation of the baby and that his pedia wanted to have another specialist to look after for our baby which was called a neonatologist. It is a doctor who specializes on premature babies. After informing me of the situation they asked for my consent to have our baby seen by another doctor who specialized about neonatal or premature babies. I said to them that if it is for the wellness of our baby then I’m giving my consent to have another specialist look after our baby. After letting me sign a consent letter they immediately called the doctor. I went back to the room and explained it to my wife.

It is another trial for us. Baby Gelo is having problem breathing on his own. Though his chest x-ray was clear, still, one of the main problems of premature babies is breathing on their own that our baby Gelo was provided with oxygen to help him in his breathing. According to the doctor his breathing is not that normal that’s why the Pedia, Dr. Ombac recommended to have another Pedia who specializes on premature babies to look after our baby. It was really hard to decide when you know that you don’t have finances to cover that procedure that they are providing but because it’s about life money is nothing compared to my son’s life. I’m sure God is on our side and he will help us on this trial.

Morning of the second day, I was woken up by the knock on the door. One of the nurses came in to give my wife her doze of medicine. A think it was a pain reliever. I’m not sure of what it is because my stay there seems like I’m not bounded with time. It feels like it is timeless.
Wounds are wounds and they get nasty once the anesthesia is already worn out and that’s what my wife experienced. Her recent operation was hard compared to her first CS. She was really in pain after the operation. I think she was given a very high dose of pain reliever because of her case. My wife does have a very low pain tolerance. She turns violet once her pain is not treated and that’s the reason why she was operated during her labor of our first baby. I really wished that I were the one experiencing the pain. She was really in pain and there were times that she doesn’t know what to do to ease off the pain. Though I’m tired I couldn’t let her down because I know she really needs me. That’s why even though there are times that she really annoys me, I’m still there for her.

The second day makes us pray harder because they have place a Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). This is provided to help Gelo breathe the right amount of oxygen that he needs to take. It will only be taken off once Gelo started breathing on his own without the help of any apparatus. Another tight hold unto the Lord.
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