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Friday, May 20

A Blessing and A Trial Part 3

The situations are really keeping us in constant prayer. We don’t know when we will be having a deep and longer sigh. Not a sigh of despair but a sigh of relief and victory over all our problems. We know that God will always be there no matter how big or small our problem is. It is just a test of how big and how long is our faith.

Thank God that there are people, friends and relatives, who give their time, effort and prayers for us. My wife was visited by some friends and church mates. They are there offering their time and prayers for my wife and the whole family.

Our third day in the hospital is really hard for my wife, the pain of her stitches and her back plus the swirling of her stomach were getting more painful. They have also started reducing the pain reliever to a lower dosage. But it seems that my wife’s low pain tolerance is kicking in to her. She was really crying in pain. Seeing her in pain make me wish to have that pain instead. I did informed the nurses of the situation and thank God that they called and informed Dr. Yaneza of the situation. My wife was still given a pain reliever. At least it made her calm a little though she was still feeling the pain. She eventually falls asleep after the medicine sink in to her.


Late afternoon when she was visited by her OB, Dr. Yaneza, and provided a discharge instruction of what medicine to take plus what she will do. I was delighted that my wife will be discharged from the hospital but I was worried at the same time because we still don’t have enough money to pay for the hospital bills. It was another problem to think of for us. I still walked and processed all the documents needed for the discharge including the requirements for the Philhealth. This is for us to know how much we are going to pay for the hospital bill. It’s like watching a suspense thriller waiting for the amount that will be charge for us. It was a big sigh seeing that the bill was around Php 32,000.00 excluding the Php 10,000.00 down payment. It was a blessing that my wife can now be discharge.

It was still a continues problem for us because my wife’s maternity benefit was not yet available and we have to think of a way to raise thePhp32,000.00. It’s hard to think when you know you got limited access to funds but thank God and thanks to generous people that helped us. We did raise the fund!

Saturday morning, we made sure that all the documents are prepared and all the bills are paid. We readied and packed all our things. Right before lunch we have coordinated with the hospital and made all the procedures needed for checking out from the hospital. It was a mix of worries and joy. Joy because thanks God my wife is now okay and worried because we have to leave our baby Gelo behind to continue his medication. Before we get out my wife went to NICU to visit our baby. They bonded for quite some time. I’m sure mommy was really in pain and worried that she has to go out of the hospital and leave our baby. She did say see you soon to our son.

gelosbirth8We are thankful for the doctors, nurses and staff of the General Miguel Malvar Medical Foundation. They have made my wife’s confinement easy for her. It was good experiencing their services.


We went home and my wife still aching with her stitches was welcomed by our eldest son, Maki, but of course we didn’t allow him to rush through to mommy. Maki was so happy seeing his Mommy again and so was Mommy seeing her first son again. That was the end of my wife’s confinement but the start of our continued prayer for our son’s recovery.

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