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Monday, May 23

A Blessing and A Trial Part 4

As much as we wanted to bring our son with us, the situation keeps us apart and it sure did make every minutes that we would keep on thinking what will happen to Gelo. Most of the friends and people that we have asked with the same situation like our son they often commented that they are really confined from two weeks to a month or more than depending on the situation and health of the baby. It is also counted how they will respond to the medication. We are thankful to God that most of those people that we have asked they didn’t mention anything negative about the situation. Just what I often tell to people and other bloggers always expect the unexpected and prayers have always the answers.
gelosbirth2While our baby Gelo is in the hospital we are thinking of our finances. We don’t have much to cover his medication. On the day that my wife was discharged his hospital bill were already Php15,000.00 that was just the cost of the incubator, the oxygen, the medicines, lab tests and other fees. It was really a big sigh for us, the trial is still coming and hasn’t ended yet but we know God would not give this kind of problem if He knows that we will not get through this. He wants us to be a living testimony of his unending grace and love.
It‘s like a torture for us, we are not only thinking for the safety of your baby but also we are thinking of how and where we will raise the money. We are thankful that there are friends who are willing and able to help. We are really grateful to have friends like them.

While we have not yet recovered from the expenses for the discharge of my wife, the hospital were asking for a deposit for the baby. Thank God they were gracious enough to give us ample time to raise at least Php5,000.00 for the meantime. The deposit was supposed to be Php10,000.00 but they allowed us to at least provide half of it. I promised that I will give the half first day of the week.
playtex-nursing-necessities storing-breast-milk
Also, Saturday was my first day duty to do a delivery express of breast milk for our baby. Since our baby has not fully developed the sucking and swallowing coordination, he needs to be feed through a dropper. We need to provide him fresh breast milk to gain the nutrients and antibodies that he need. Good thing that my sister has finished using the breast pump and now it’s my wife’s turn to use it. So the storage was no problem all I got to do is transport it at least twice a day.milk-and-storage
That was my routine during the whole week that our baby is in the hospital. We always make sure to pray for our baby to have good development every time that I will bring his milk and we thank God because he answers our prayer. Everyday Gelo has good development. From Oxygen with Nasal CPAP to plain oxygen, from incubator to plain nursery, and from 20cc of breast milk to 1oz every feeding. Praise be to God!
There were twice that I have brought with me my eldest son. He wanted to see his little brother. Since Gelo’s condition was very prone to infection I just requested for the nurse to have baby Gelo shown on the nursery window. Maki was very delighted seeing his little brother. Too bad he couldn’t at least touch the foot of his brother.

With the joy of knowing our baby Gelo’s development, the stress of raising the money of at least Php60,000.00 were somewhat eased. My wife was always happy whenever I tell her the development about baby Gelo. That way it eases all the aches, pains and worries that we have. Just what our Ninong Rey’s message Gelo is a blessing! Indeed he is a blessing for us.

My wife suggested that we could borrow money from their office making it as a cash advance which she will pay every pay period. We made a letter addressed to the president through her immediate boss. At first it was a misunderstanding and miscommunication about what we really wanted but after thorough explanation my wife’s boss forwarded it to their president. We did pray hard that the request would be granted. After a day the president approved the request and somewhat made it a little bit easier for us. It was coursed through the credit union which will allow my wife to at least have enough take home pay during the period that she will pay for that cash advance. Thank God another answered prayer.

Saturday, after a week that my wife was discharge from the hospital we went to her OB-GYNE, Dr. Yaneza for her follow-up check up. It was another work of God’s gracious hand because Dr. Yaneza made the consultation free, no charge. Thank God! After that we went to the hospital to see our baby Gelo and for my wife to try and let baby Gelo suck milk from her breast. Too bad Gelo just finished drinking his milk when we arrived. My wife made a lot of questions and inquiries to the attending nurse. She wanted to know more about how to take care of a pre term baby and while doing that I manage to take a video and picture of them. We stayed there for almost 30 minutes. My wife treasured and really took the opportunity to bond with our baby. It’s really great seeing both my wife and my son together.
mommy-and-gelo2Our baby was still small and so fragile. He was only 1.7 kgs. He was like a kitten. We don’t know much knowledge about pre term babies but we will strive hard to take good care of him. He is another angel and an addition to our growing family. Maki is now a big brother!
After a few more minutes we went to the cashier to provide them the additional deposit. It was supposed to be Php5,000.00 but it was only Php4,000.00 because that’s the only money we have raised so far for the additional deposit. We get the initial billing and as expected the bill shoots to around Php40,000.00 excluding the professional fees of the doctors who checked our baby. The expenses were way really high already.
Yesterday was one of the best answered prayers that we ever had, we can now take our baby home! We were happy to hear that and were so delighted to bring him home.

This morning we will take care all of the documents needed for the discharge of our baby. We pray hard that the discount of the Philhealth will be higher than what we computed. Pray, pray and pray! Praise, praise and praise God for the guidance, deliverance and love that he showered upon us. I don’t have much more to say but wait for our baby to be home this morning. I couldn’t sleep…

One of my blogger friend suggested that I should place a donate button here for those who would like to help and share whatever blessings that they have. I am grateful that SHARKBYTES provided a slice of her blessings to us. If this is one of the way to pay our obligations I’ll be very thankful for those who will share whatever they have. THANKS EVERYONE!

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