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Saturday, May 7

Daddy Day Care: First MRT Ride & More

I thought the day would be just an ordinary day for me and for my son.  Not until I opened up to Mommy that today is the Free Comic Book Day which will be celebrated at the Comic Odyssey in Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas and that is how it started.  My wife suggested that I should go to that event and get some free comic book since our schedule is quite open a bit.  It was okay but then she suggested again to have Maki come along with me in which I thought it is just fine. 

So when Maki woke up we prepared ourselves and went off to the event.  This will be Maki’s first time to go further than SM North and it is also his first time ride the MRT.  The jeepney ride was okay, we don’t have any hassle about it.  The only thing that is not good is that he doesn’t want to walk… that time. 

We got off the jeepney and went straight to the MRT station.  Thank goodness that we didn’t have to walk through the overpass.  Maki and I got into the MRT station and into the counter.  Maki is still free to ride the MRT, that was his first time to walk there and waited for the train to arrive.  When the train arrived I let Maki walk right into it to let him feel the experience of riding the train.  We sat down and took some unclear pictures of us together inside the train.  Maki was quiet inside the train and rarely look at some billboards and scene outside of the train.  We arrived in MRT Ortigas station without any bad tantrums.  It was already past 10 AM and we still need to walk a long way just to get to Robinson’s Galleria which made me more tired and even more tired because Maki doesn’t want to walk.  Wahhhh!  Add up the hot weather which makes me sweat more than the usual.  My shirt is a little bit wet already when we went inside the mall.  This was his first time visit Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas and so far the furthest mall that he ever been since he started walking. 

At last we arrived at the 3rd floor, still sweating, we look for the venue and was shocked to see all those comic book fan lined longer than I thought.  We trailed down the end of the line and ended up on a very long file of comic book fanatics.  That’s the time that I decided not to continue though I’m really wanting to have those free comic books but because Maki was with me and anytime he would burst to go home already.  With that I decided that we went home and accompany Mommy to her OB.  That was the very mistake that I did, Maki burst into tantrums because he wanted to have that comic book that Mommy told him that we will get.  I think we went in and out of the mall almost seven times.  It took more than an hour to convince him that the books on the 3rd floor are for older people and the one’s inside National Bookstore are the books for kids like him.   It’s really hard convincing him but I manage to pull it off and went home together with his chosen coloring book.  Hay at last!  We went home and ride the bus.  He just sleep in the aircon bus and thank God he did not do more tantrums. 

How about you?  How was your day with your kid?
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