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Wednesday, May 11

Dads Not Good At Dates

Sometimes it is hard to admit that Dads are really having a hard time memorizing important dates and events in the family or sometimes outside of the family. Sometimes or should I say often Dads only remember the event when they heard from someone, read through some notes, or worst when Moms get so annoyed by Dads action because she was expecting for something that Dad wasn’t able to bring or provide. Important dates in the family like birthdays of their babies, your wedding anniversary, in-laws birthdays, and important milestones should always be remembered. And because of Dads commonly forget it they always cram in buying gifts and present for their kids and wife.

When it comes to kid’s birthday event or any other event it is often seen that Moms are the ones who are always in the frontline in comforting kids why Dad forgot about the event. It is good that Moms are always there to help out but what about if Mom’s important date is forgotten by Dad? Whoa! I’m sure it will be another cold war in the house.

Bottom line, Dads should learn to find better and reliable printing company that can provide good quality calendar printing that will have Dads personalized and organized calendar. It is much better if it is completed with different design and colors to easily determine the event but anyway it still depends on what the individual wants or his preference.

Since Dads are the ones who ought to get calendar or the personalized calendar printing they should be the one to pay for it and Dads should know that some of the organizations that offer calendar printing have some charities that they help. They do this as their fundraising for a certain organizations, so for every purchase of a calendar or personalized calendar printing a portion of it goes to different charities. It’s a little help that fund raisers get for selling calendars.

Calendars with readable font can make the whole calendar much more interesting to look at and much more better to remember events and dates. Images and designs in the calendar should compliment with the color and font of the dates because in the first place the dates are what we after, perhaps the designs are just secondary.

So maybe if most of the events will be laid down on the calendar Dads wouldn’t be forgetful now and possibly he’ll get most of the gift just in time with no hassle of thinking what gifts to buy.
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