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Sunday, May 1

Easing The Pain During Labor

I should have found this gadget right before our first son was born. Though I was not there when my wife gave birth to our first son, my in-laws did manage to explain to me how hard it is for my wife and how she struggle with the pain of labor. My wife has a very low tolerance of pain so she somewhat turns violet whenever she couldn’t bear the pain anymore and that’s what her OB/GYNE seen that’s why she was forced to be operated, C Section, just to deliver the baby well, safe and sound. I was at work during that time and about a hundred kilometers far away from our home.

So what was this gadget that I’m telling, well it is called the Tens Machine which is an abbreviation or short for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation”. So meaning, without much of the scientific details and based on what I can comprehend from the list of information that they have, this machine or gadget stimulates the nerve on the area or source of the pain to make it easy when being operated or treated. Making the feeling as almost painless like anesthesia as possible and the good thing about it is that you don’t take or get injected with any of those pain reliever drugs.

I don’t know yet if there’s already something like this in the Philippines but these gadgets were all used in UK since 1998. So they have already established their brand wanted to go beyond the boundaries of their country and now they are trying to reach for more people to benefit from these machines. So anyone can buy their Tens Machine products or just simple have it for a specific span of time which they offer through their Tens Machine Hire program, letting an individual hire it for seven straight weeks.

Though this machine was proven with no side effects, a person should at least inform his or her doctors if she or he is going to use this product. There’s nothing wrong of consulting your doctor, they may also help you better in using the product.

So what do you think?
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