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Monday, May 30

Monday Rush: Pending Works

As most of the readers have known, my family had gone through difficulties. Though I had some time off from work, it’s not the time to take a rest. I need to tend on some matters that require much attention and only I can do such things. During my paternity leave, I still need to tend to my wife and our baby which was in the hospital during those times. I think there should also be a consideration with regards to paternity leaves of Dads whose wives undergone a C Section. Just like how maternity leaves vary between normal delivery and CS. It is much harder to take care of wives with CS than those with normal deliveries so I think Dads should also be given longer paternity leave. Anyway what’s important is that Dads are always there for their wives no matter what.

pending-worksDuring my leave of absence there are pending documents that I need to complete and that’s what I did today. I tried to finish some of the documents. It is better to make things already especially now that I have been away for quite some time. With heavy clouds over my head I still did most of it.

Aside from the pending works at the office I also have pending works at home. Yeah! There are pending works that I should have done before our baby arrived in the house. It is really hard to make things when everything is on to your shoulders. Thank God that there are times that give me moment to rest and energize my mind, body and soul. There are things that need to be rushed.

Since I am also working online, I also got pending jobs online which I hope that it won’t be forfeited. So I really have to make sure also to complete all the online tasks that I should done including the contest which was supposed to be launched two days ago.

So, I don’t know how will finish all these things I just pray that God will provide energy and strength for my body to do all these things.

How about you? How was your Monday?

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