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Monday, May 30

Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

First Class! We have always heard of the word First Class, when it is heard we always coined it to an elite entity or group. It shows that they are on top and they manifest the clear state of being exceptional. Whew! I think my nose is already bleeding defining the word “First Class”. Anyway those are the definition that I can find and come up with.

As a father, I always try to have the best for my family though there are times that I flank on this. It’s sometimes a male mode of not thinking twice. Hahaha! I’m just thankful that I learned a lot from those mistakes and by that perhaps I would be a First Class Dad. Of course my wife and my sons would be the only ones who would consider that.

Just like these two entities which embody the symbol of being extraordinary in their line of products and services, the Nuffnang and Hapee. Both have proven their existence as one of the top companies that provides First Class services.

Nuffnang according to them they are the Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community, which is true and correct because so far no blog advertising does like Nuffnang. Proofs about them are their trusted advertisers who keep on advertising and their valuable bloggers engaging through all their events and contests. Another thing is that they are truly First Class because they provide the very best in all their contest and events.

Hapee is one of the products of the Lamoiyan Corporation which is a corporation founded in the Philippines and owned by a Filipino. A Filipino considered by the world First Class in almost all areas. Hapee being one of the top selling tooth pastes in the market of the Lamoiyan Corporation was able lined up with the First Class tooth paste. Now isn’t it something to be proud of. A local toothpaste lined up with the world’s leading toothpastes.

First Class doesn’t have to be expensive, what is important is what the company provides. First Class products and First Class services!
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