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Tuesday, May 10

Teleserv’s Night-Out: Fast Five


Ever since our son, Maki, was born we rarely go to movies that are for dads or for moms or for both. Mainly, it is always themed for children and that’s for Maki. As I may recall we have only watched two movies together with son, Maki. Though we love the movie, it is still for kids and Dads like me somewhat like movies with full pack of actions and suspense. I think the last for grownups movie that I have watched on the big screen was a story about the tricks of magicians. Now that I recall it, it is indeed a long time since I watched a movie for grownups. Dads couldn’t really get time to watch an action pack movie on the big screen of course baby first before ours. So, in some cases I just content myself in watching downloaded and borrowed movies from friends and relatives.

Teleserv Fast Five Ticket

Last Wednesday I was able to watch a great, exciting, thrilling and breathtaking movie for this year. To make it short it is FAST and it is FREE! It is my first ever movie after my son, Maki, was born and Teleserv did make the Night-Out at the Cinema Bloggers Edition 2011 a very cool way to remember it. The movie screen was the FAST Five or the Fast and Furious 5, it is the fifth part already and they sure make every movie a standout not just because of the cars and the cute little babes but for the reason that it is filled with so much action, thrill and excitement. It is like stepping on an imaginary break on the passenger side of the car. I’m not much of a movie critique but I like how they create the story with a little bit of mystery and some hanging questions that makes a viewer like me to ask for more or wait for the next story to come and find out the answer.

Teleserv Fast Five1  Teleserv Fast Five Teleserv Fast Five2 Teleserv Fast Five3

Teleserv did make a good choice of a movie to screen. According to them the word FAST gives a great connection to their company’s commitment and service, they deliver it FAST. It is indeed a fast service to have your documents delivered in just two days and anywhere in the Philippines. I haven’t tried their services yet but I am looking forward in using their services like the NSO Birth Certificate which is really sometimes annoying to go to their office and file your request. So, perhaps one of these days I will try their services.

Teleserv Fast Five4

To further introduce Teleserv, Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc it is better to start in the beginning of who are the owners of the company. Teleserv was conceptualized by three people who come from different fields of work, they are Jun Yupitun the director for Operations, Jeffrey Villanueva the director for Admin and Finance, also the chief CRM Developer and Raffy David who is the director for Marketing. Interesting that Teleserv was formed to cater various Philippine government agencies that provide transaction to its citizen but of course they do have some other clients from the private sector.

So if you want it FAST have it serve by Teleserv.

Just visit the following site.

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