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Tuesday, June 14

Dad Enjoys the KWC Blogger’s Night

Last month I was able to attend a great night out with some of the Pinoy Bloggers. We were invited to attend a karaoke night organized by the Karaoke World Championships Philippines. I know it was a Saturday Night and I should be home taking care of the kids but hey, Dad’s also needs to go out and have a bit of fun. After all, weeks before that event were very stressful and tormenting. I’m just saddened that my wife couldn’t join with me. She also loves to sing.

KWC-Bloggers-Event11 KWC-Bloggers-Event9

The night was fun and they were very accommodating. I did enjoy the food, the singing, and the experience. I felt we were in a comedy bar with singing, some slight jokes and lot laughs. The emcees manage to keep the night alive for everybody. I think all the bloggers attended the event ended their night with a smile on their faces.

KWC-Bloggers-Event7 KWC-Bloggers-Event3 KWC-Bloggers-Event1 KWC-Bloggers-Event2 KWC-Bloggers-Event10

The Karaoke Night for Bloggers event was organized to introduce the Karaoke World Championships which was an event held annually since 2003. Unfortunately, ever since the Karaoke World Championship started no Filipino has ever joined the said competition, knowing that we Filipinos are very fond of singing in Karaoke or Videoke Bars. After having the right or license to conduct the Philippine Trials for the Karaoke World Championships, they started organizing and marketing the said competition. Another thing is that they were able to let us feel how the selection or the trials will go about by having a little singing contest that night. At first I thought it was just a mere singing so I presented myself early before the program and fortunately, they did put me first into the spotlight. We all know that it’s hard being the first. I think there were thousands of butterflies in my stomach the time my name was called. It made my voice go up and down and loose air. Final verdict, it was disastrous singing first. Anyway, thanks for that experience and I do hope I could overcome that butterflies next time (if there’s a next time).


The Karaoke World Championships Philippines is aiming for three goals. First is to join the 2011 Karaoke World Championships in Killarney, Ireland and every year thereafter, second is to have a male and female Filipino contestants win the Karaoke World Championships, and third is to host the Karaoke World Championships in the Philippines. Last May 30, 2011 they have started the daily trials and will end on July 9, 2011. The finals will be held on July 23, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. The best male and female karaoke singers will have a chance to represent our country on the Karaoke World Championships in Killarney, Ireland. Lets pray that Filipinos will grab the championship for this year. Go Pinoys!


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