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Friday, June 24

Dad On Running Spirit

After I graduated in college I have never competed in any running event. Though there are lots of events to join, still, I don’t know why opportunities keep on running away from me. Anyway, though they seems to slip away from my path I just content myself on running my way for a healthy lifestyle, by having a jog or a run at least twice a week. It keeps the running spirit in me.


When I got a work away from Manila that was the time that I got so passionate in running. The place was very right and conducive for runners like me. Free of pollution, got lots of trees, and less cars so you can really run free around the area. Of course I do the running before and after office hours since we are billeted inside Clark. I do the running at around 5:00 in the morning before preparing to go to the office and around 6:00 PM after office hours. I also run to get rid of the stress that I get from the office. I did really become a running buff that time but off from any competitions. With my enthusiast in running I even run on Quezon Memorial Circle during weekends and I even tag along my girlfriend to have a jog.  That’s how I run my life during that time.

Daddy's Evolution2

The running keeps on until I married my girlfriend. It only got lessen when I became a Dad. Taking care of my wife and my son is my priority during that time, so, the time for running got lessens. It was a little bit frustrating because of what normally happens to Dads, I’m becoming a little bit big and the threat of having a big tummy is going my way. It got worse when my running shoes already surrendered. I did try to run with slippers but it is not as comfortable as running with shoes. Since most of the resources that we have are mainly diverted to my family needs, good quality running shoes are set aside. I did try to buy some cheap rubber shoes with 8 ½ size but it did not last long and the result on my feet only gives me burns and aching feet. So the running spirit is little by little fading and dimming.


I started running again last year though it’s not as rigid as before, still, I try and manage to run at least once a week just not to let the spirit of running fade away. Dads really need to trim down those bellies. I have already worn out my recent shoes and I really need to have a new one with a very good quality that is just right for my feet. And I think the new brand that will be running around the Philippines soon is just right for it. The product is design for high-impact runs, long training sessions and endurance runs and it has a system that enables stress absorption, efficient energy transfer and fast recovery. The brand name is straightforward with no representation, it’s simple and it’s “On-Running”!


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