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Saturday, June 18

Daddy Day Care: Carpentry Works

My day started early, my son Maki wake us up very early. Though I'm still a bit dizzy because of minimal sleep and due to last nights event, I still manage to get up and prepare for the day. As I have planned it I got plenty of things to do. My main priority for today is the wall. I need to finish the double walling so that Gelo (I really would prefer to call him Malik) could have a good space and to avoid falling dirt and cobwebs. Aside from that double walling I need to clean the electric fan. I think I haven't opened it since we both that fan. So that's my duty for the day but I need to take care of our eldest one.

So, after breakfast and some few side activities in the house I started dismantling the electric fan and started cleaning it. When I opened it the dirt was really thick. I don't know how long it is since it was bought but the dirt inside the fan is like a decade already. Cleaned, washed, dried and then assembled it back. Good thing I know a bit about electronics and electrical. I remember that my Mom would always comment me as the "JACK OF ALL TRAITS, MASTER OF NONE".  Hahaha!  I think the Jack of All Traits works because at least I know much.  Hehehe!

Next job, carpentry! I need to finish putting up the wall on Malik's crib area so that there won't be any falling dirt or any other foreign object. That's the only job left to do after finishing the whole room. That's the hardest because I have to make three wholes on it. The exhaust fan area, the switch area and the electrical area. I find it too much saw dust if I use the saw so what I did is that I used the cutter blade. It's much easier to cut those whole than cutting the plywood into pieces. Anyway after a few hours of work, up and down of the plywood I finally finished it.

Hay!  My body is already aching.  Good thing that Mommy, Maki and Malik went to my in-laws on the other side of the street.  At least I get the whole house for myself without disturbance from Maki.  I'm sure if his here I won't finished any of it.  Now my day is over and I need to take a rest for a while.

How was your day?
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