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Saturday, June 11

Experiencing Converse Block Party

When street parties are mentioned, the only parties that I know locally are fiestas (festivals) where there are parades, games, dancing and contest on the street. I think it is similar to what the US celebrates during their Fourth of July Block Parties. The only thing that differs is how it is called and the rest is almost the same. Block Parties are commonly celebrated in the United States to involve the whole community, making each member of the community relate to each other.


A few weeks ago a block party was celebrated, The Converse Block Party! It was held at the SM Mall of Asia and I was lucky to be there.  It is their last blast before summer ends. Of course, yours truly were there to experience the said event, though the weather has started to change already. I think summer has started to fade away that’s why the weather is cloudy with a bit of rain showers. The event was almost whole day including the event that will be done during the night. So to avoid any hassle, though I was instructed that I can come to the event anytime, I still managed to go there just in time. Good thing that I came there early at least I get to have a chance to talk with the organizers, the designers, and some people of the Converse Philippines. I was able also to ask some few questions regarding their latest shoes and apparels. Then I was tour around the event where there is the photo booth, freedom wall, drawing areas for the artists, 3D room, skateboard rinks, food area when you get hungry and the music on the stage with some DJs mixing.

converse-block-party-marco-jen converse-block-party-shoes converse-block-party-bags converse-block-party-shoes-bags-apparels

You can see skateboarders freely doing there exhibitions and stunts. Skateboarding is just one of my frustrations. During my younger years I used to play skateboard but of course without, yet, the exhibition stuff. I did enjoy it! The event also held an exhibition basket game played by some of the known basketball players of different colleges and universities. And on the night there were musical performances from various artists like Callalily, Gloc 9 and others. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay up until the night for some reason. Top it all, it was fun being there and experiencing it.

converse-block-party-stage converse-block-party-music-djs converse-block-party-chuck-taylor-design converse-block-party-picture-booth converse-block-party-basketball converse-block-party-skateboarding converse-block-party-graffiti-art converse-block-party-yashirokuru2 converse-block-party-yashirokuru1 converse-block-party-yashirokuru converse-block-party-graffiti-art-shoes converse-block-party-graffiti-art-spraypainting

It was fun but I like most are the new set of shoes and apparels that they have. Since I get a chance to have a talk with one of their bag designers I should say that I like his thought on how he designs the bags. As we all know, today there are lots of gadgets popping out in the market. He did well integrate the functionality and yet instill the fashionable style of converse bags. I did also ask some questions with regards to some new shoes. I really don’t know if I did have a Chuck Taylor shoes. It was very popular during my time. Just don’t ask when that was.

So here are some of the new designs of their shoes and bags which I’m sure if your a converse fan you’ll definitely love these.  

Bag and pillow in one! Casually small, perfect for school Converse Back to School Back Pack Parade Small but mighty utility bags

I simply love the design of the bags.  Main purpose is FUNCTIONALITY with the design standard of Converse.

A splash of orange against a backdrop of geometry  Marimekko Pikkusuomu gets an added touch of color! Batman swoops to save the day Don't joke around with The Joker Embroidered perfection Superman Classic Way to go team It's a Poorman ballgame (P 2,950 - 3,190) Star Tech Revival (P 3,750) Sicks and Triumph in Converse Sicks (P 5,430) and Converse Triumphant (P 3,990)

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