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Friday, June 10

Friday Toys: Toycon 2011

Poster from

Though I've always seen posters of TOYCON every year, still, I haven't had a chance to see and experience what it is like being there.  Imagine being surround with lots of toys!  Hahaha!  At least in a picture you can imagine that all those toys are yours.  Anyway that would be one great experience if we could go there at least visiting TOYCON.  If my son, Maki, and I will find time will eventually be there at TOYCON.   I'm sure Maki would say "WOW!" once he saw all those kind of toys.

So for those who are followers of TOYCON, for this year they will be holding on June 18-19, 2011 at the Megatrade Halls 1,2,3.  Better get ready with your best cosplay outfit, your best toy collections, and your best toy designs so you can win some prizes and stuff.  And of course don't forget to bring some money you might see something that you like.  Who says toys are just for kids!
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