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Friday, June 17

Friday Toys: Watch Out for Featured Toys

This past few days I have been communicating with some people who get to be interested on my reviews and posting about toys. I believed they have found my posts "Toys A Lot" which I have been posting reviews of toys for kids. I'm a Dad so I should try to look at the toys that my kids will be playing. Toys A Lot was my Friday blog posts which later on I decided to change into Friday Toys. Toys from different brands, different ages, and different kinds which my kids might or might not have at all but of course they are toys so as much as possible I would try to at least provide them good toys that they can play with. So after a few exchange of communication, I agreed to make a review of their toys. At first I was hesitant because of some thoughts. Personal thoughts that is no concern of others. Anyway so like I said I agreed to make a review and they've asked for my postal address in which praying I gave them my postal address. There are undesirable things happens these days that's why I'm a bit hesitant.

This morning I was disturbed by my wife's call and she instantly told me that the toys have arrived already. She kept it still inside the box to avoid being seen by my son or any other kids in the house. It would be a big problem if they would see it.

So, starting next week I'll be featuring some toys of which I have hold and touch for the readers. It's really a privilege to be chosen as reviewer of such toys. So better watch out for it.
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