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Friday, June 17

Kids Involvement

Why is it important to involved kids in family's decision making and in unlikely situation?

In the past, kids are always shut off by the parents when there are decision making needed to address and problems to solve because of this, based on what I have observed from other kids, most kids attitude lean towards an easy go lucky person. They don't care of the family's situation and what they only care is about themselves. That's what happen to some of whom I know. It is really important for the kids to be involve much in the Family, it makes them realize their value in the family and they learn to value the family.

I remember my mother always tell a story about me when I was a kid. She said that I would always ask first if they have money before I ask for something to buy. If they say they have that's the time that I would ask if they could buy me something but if they don't have I would just say okay maybe next time. With this my mother was very proud of me. Now that I'm a father I also teach my son the same thing that my mother have taught me and I'm glad that it's working to my son.

Just recently we had a really bad crisis, which we are facing the effect until now, good thing that we have taught him to be patient and contented. He cooperate with us by not demanding toys or anything that he wants whenever we pass a toy store. He would just say "I like that Daddy, you have money?", disappointing that I could not provide it to him but fulfilling because he understand our situation. If I said I don't have he would just say "okay, next time Daddy" then he would wave good bye to the toys after admiring it. I'm thankful to God that my son is like this.

It's good that kids should know the present situation or condition of the family. It's a practice for them to be responsible.

How's was your kid doing? Do you involve them in family decision?

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