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Monday, June 20

Monday Rush: 2 Boys & A Dad

It’s Monday and it’s a holiday, no work for today and free to do things. Hopefully, but because of some circumstances my wife needs to go to her parents house and settle some things there. It is a family emergency that needs her to be there. She said that it will be just quick and if she’s badly needed just text her. So, early morning and this is what’s rushing my adrenaline, keeping the two boys calm and quiet. Unfortunately the eldest wouldn’t be calm because I have noticed that his not feeling well this morning. His ailing about his tummy and he said that it is aching. I look for the ointment and put some on his tummy to at least cure the aching. Good thing that the youngest is still sleeping on his crib. My wife feed him first before she went off to her parent’s house.

My eldest son tried to sleep to wave off his aching tummy. So with this I get an open opportunity to do some of my online activities. After a few minutes my youngest was awake and is crying. I tried to hush him by singing a lullaby and a humming sound. Few minutes later he was sound asleep again. Now the worst thing happens. Maki complaining about his aching tummy and the youngest woke up crying. Now, isn’t it an adrenaline rush to which one of them you would take care first? So, what I did is that I tried to talk first to my eldest that Malik, my youngest son, need to be taken care first because he is still a baby. I was glad that my eldest son understands it. I carried Malik, hushed him, and sung a lullaby to make him fall asleep. That was the time that I send a message to my wife that Malik is already hungry because believe it or not it’s already an hour and a half had passed since my wife left us so I’m pretty sure that Malik is already hungry. A few minutes later my wife came back and immediately washes his hands, sprinkle an alcohol, and breast feed Malik. Hayyy! I really would know what to do if Malik continues to cry because of hunger I don’t have any stock milk during that time. Perhaps if my wife is gone to long she should leave stored pump milk, at least well enough for the duration that she’ll be gone.

So, how about you? How did you spend the Monday holiday?

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