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Thursday, June 9

Our Pre-Term Baby

Since my wife and our son Gelo, which my wife wanted to call our son, came out of the hospital we had so many restrictions in the house. As per my son's neonatal doctor, babies like Gelo are very prone to infections and diseases, that's why we really need to take good care of him. So we really need to be strict in the house. Strict in the sense that it should always be clean in the house (I just hope that Maki will cooperate very much), there should always be alcohol specially when we're going to touch or carry Gelo, and whenever we notice something different from Gelo we immediately inform his Neonatal Doctor and his Pedia. Call us paranoid or overacting but hey this is our baby we're talking here so his safety and health is our main concern.

I remember my first time to carry him, he was so small, so light, and so fragile. I want to kiss him but I just content myself on kissing his feet just to avoid any rashes or irritation. Right now, his okay and his 0.1 kilograms heavier when he came out. His breast fed, which is better, so that he will get most of the nutrients that he needs.

I want to write all of my experiences with him here but I think it's much better to have it little by little. So I do hope that you'll read through and follow my experiences with our pre-term baby and of course our eldest son.
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