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Monday, June 20

PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS

Another rainy season, it seems that it started late already. Though the rainy season is now flooding some parts of the country, still the heat of summer lingers around making most of us uneasy during the night. Add up the power failures that are occurring again. Unfortunately one did happened today while I was doing my online projects. The projects were all rush so I really need to go online. Good thing that the other side of the street that my friend lives has electricity in their area. I usually go there if there is no electricity in the house. With my work, I hurriedly went to their house, carrying the broken umbrella on the right arm and my projects on the left arm. Good thing that my friend hasn't got any work today. He too does some online jobs.

I placed my materials in front of the computer, switch the computer on, and waited for the screen to open and upload all the applications. I’m really welcomed in their house, as if I’m one of the family members. Hahaha! I chatted with my friend, R (he does not want to disclose his name here so just an R will do) before the PC opened. A little bit of talk about online things and of course our earnings as well. I clicked one of the browsers that he is using and turned to him and chatted with him again. I’m sure the page load will take a few more second but to my amazement it just took a very quick load. I said “Hey R, your internet connection is fast today. What did you do?” He replied “I had an upgrade!” “Upgrade of Plan?” I asked. “No! PLDT myDSL has this promo for their current subscriber of Plan 3000. The 3 mbps is now raised to 5 mbps!” he eagerly explained. “Really… huh! So can I use your PC for a few more hours?” I asked with a little bit of a joke. Without hesitation he instantly says “Yes! Of course you can!”

So without any further delay I started with my work because I wanted to finish it that instance so I could try to watch some online movies and TV episodes without the disturbance of a buffer. After a few minutes I’m done with my work. Hahaha it’s time to try this new upgraded internet connection. I tried it first on some movie clips on youtube and it was A okay! So I tried to look for the sites that offer online movies for free. Hehehe! At last, found one. I chose a movie with lots of action and 3d effects on it. It was like watching it on a DVD player with high definition. That day was really an internet to sawa. My eyes were really hooked on those movies that I’m watching. After a few movies, feeling tired and sleepy, I didn’t notice that I dozed off already.

Moments later I was awaken by a shake on my shoulder. My wife is waking me up because it was already morning. Huh! It was a dream! I remember I was reading a story of a blogger about his experience of the upgrade of PDLT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa then I fell asleep. It was really an experience that the story made it into my dream as if I was the character itself. Perhaps the story did hypnotize me but for sure the PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa is no dream at all because PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS my Internet experience from Zzzz to Woohoo.

I checked their site and it says that PLDT subscribers with Plan 3000 can now avail a free upgrade from 3 MBPS to 5 MBPS. So what do you get out of that upgrade? Well, a whooping and very fast internet connection.  You can enjoy your online movies and games without the buffer. It’s like having it in real time. Subscribers can visit for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscription today!

I remember when I was once a lowly blogger lurking around the blogosphere, there were not much development and exposure on my part not until I become a Nuffnanger. Blogging with Nuffnang really helps transform from a lowly blogger to a friendly and sociable blogger. Nuffnang did find ways and set a venue for its members to know other members as well.

So Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL are just few companies that give opportunities to TRANSFORM.
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