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Sunday, July 10

And The Winners Are...

I thought I could make the tallying and raffling in just two days but unfortunately there are certain aspects in life that we are not capable of handling. Nature and destiny have their ways of dealing with people and different situations. Anyway so much with the explanation why I wasn’t able to make the raffle early, instead let’s proceed with the announcement of the winners.

With the span one month twenty one (21) bloggers participated in my annual raffle contest. Below are list of the participants/entrants.

1.       Sheng Apuhin
2.       Chin chin Vivero
3.       Jacqueline Canuto
4.       Karen Chayne Sanchez
5.       Cornelio Mallare
6.       Ferry Joy Solon
7.       Gagay Dinampo

8.       Maricel Tan-Waniwan
9.       Emiliana Sison
10.   Karen Tuazon
11.   Kaythrine Bigueras
12.   Maryjade Anne Manzanero
13.   Ma. Victoria Parungao
14.   Mona Abayle
15.   Janet De Leon
16.   Michelle Ame
17.   Ma. Divine Caraecle
18.   Joan Young
19.   Enfotainer
20.   Melissa Mercado
21.   Manas Kabiraj

So without further ado…

Our 3RD PRIZE of $20 through paypal goes to…


2ND PRIZE of $30 through paypal goes to…


And the 1ST PRIZE OF $50 through paypal goes to…


Watch the video of the raffle here.

The SPECIAL PRIZE of an Adgitize 15 days advertising Gift certificate voucher goes to...

Congratulations to all the winners!

I will be sending emails to the winners on how to claim your prizes.  Congrats!
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