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Thursday, July 7

Breastfed Babies Feed More

My wife complains about something like this. According to her, she thinks our baby Gelo is not contented with her breast milk. Gelo always get hungry from time to time, right now Gelo was just a few weeks old his first month. It seems that our sons appetite for breast milk has been gradually increasing.

Unfortunately, when Gelo was brought to the center for check my wife were advised to go for a formulated milk for a while. According to them Gelo was still a little bit yellowish and their term for that is jaundice. Since Gelo is a premature baby perhaps the doctors in the center are mostly avoiding giving any vaccine not unless were given clearance by the Pediatrician who check the baby in the hospital or the Pedia taking care the welfare of the child at the moment.

The doctor instructed my wife to go into formulated milk for the moment while the baby is still gaining weight and according to them is still yellowish. So we were forced to feed our Gelo with formulated milk and by that my wife were able to compare the formulated milk and the breast milk. She founds out that the formulated milk can easily make Gelo full while the breast milk, well Gelo get hungry from time to time. My wife is sure does having a hard time feeding Gelo at night. She would wake up every hour just to feed Gelo. We really don't have any idea why Gelo is always hungry when he is fed with his mom's breast milk.

Again, as usual as always Daddy Yashiro look for articles in the internet why breast milk babies are often get hungry first rather than those who are formulated milk fed. As ever as reliable the provided the answer for that question. According to Bridgette's comment on the breastfed babies can easily digest all the milk that they intake from their mommies that's why they get hungry almost all the while.

How about you?  How was your experienced with our son.
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