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Wednesday, July 27

Checking For the Rates

As a daddy blogger and as an online part time worker, it is important for me to check once in a while the exchange rates of some countries that I have clients, especially if I’m almost done with my work and near requesting for payments for completed tasks. It is better to know the prevailing exchange rate so that I won’t get surprised if there are some changes in the amount that I receive. Exchange rates do fluctuate sometimes so it is better be informed and knowledgeable of the matter. Though most of my clients use USD or US Dollars, it is not hard for me to convert and check for the exchange rate. Since US Dollars is widely used, it easy to ask and get information on what is the prevailing exchange rate.

I remember one time reading the post of one of my blogger friends’ message on Facebook concerning about the payment that she receives. According to her the payment was in pound but I don’t know what kind of pound she receives. Are there any other pound currencies aside from British Pound? I’m not really sure. Anyway, she continued that it was a payment from one of her earnings. I think she have said that it was a payment for a certain website company in that area. I checked online the exchange rates from gbp to usd and usd to gbp. As I looked it was really high and I asked if she could treat us. Though it was just a joke I was hoping that she would fall it. Hahaha! Anyway it was really nice that you can actually check gbp usd exchange rates in an instance because of the internet. It helps a lot and makes the world a lot smaller.
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