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Saturday, July 30

Daddy Day Care: Daddy & Mommy is Out

Unfortunately there's no Daddy Day Care today because Daddy and Mommy went out to attend some events somewhere in the Metro.  Poor Maki and Gelo they were left in the house with their Lola though we have some few moments with them before we leave.  We were able to have our breakfast and some little fun.   Right before we leave we promised our son, Maki that we will bring present when we come back.

Leaving the kids sure makes me and my wife feel bad but we really have to do in order to have some sidelines and other stuff that we can use and earn during those activities that we attend to.   Dads and Moms really should try to make most of their times as productive as possible.  We need to be practical and creative at the same time.  So mainly, we were all day out of the house.  Good thing that Mommy don't have any activity during the evening because Dad needs to attend the batch reunion.

Perhaps that's a different story to tell.
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