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Saturday, July 9

Daddy Day Care: Jollitown Season 4

Jollitown Season 4
Yes you read it right! The wonderful and colorful neighborhood of Jollitown is back and this time they got lots of surprises for kids and kids at heart. We were happy that we’re one of the few chosen people that will be attending the preview of the new exciting season of Jollitown. The fun and festivity was held at White Space, Pasong Tamo.
I never thought Maki would be so very excited on this event. When my wife and I mentioned it to our son that we’re going to see Jollibee in Jollitown my son immediately went to his drawer and looked for his Jollibe Kids Club Shirt. Since today is Daddy Day Care it is the right timing for Daddy and Maki to have bonding moment in an event for kids.
Jollitown1 Jollitown18
When we arrived to the event, Maki couldn’t stop looking around. The place was so colorful that Maki got mesmerized, I’m not sure if he has noticed that the place was a replica of Jollitown. He even got curious when he noticed the fog like effect near the registration area. After the registration we settled in a table where some of the bloggers, together with their little ones, are seated. We did get our lunch and Maki get one of his favorite foods in Jollibee, the chicken joy! I choose the drumstick or the leg part so that Maki could hold the chicken joy and munch with it. I did also get my lunch at the buffet. We filled our tummies and waited for the main event to start.
Jollitown15Jollitown17 Jollitown11 Jollitown12
At exactly 1:00 PM the town hall meeting was called and presiding officer was Mr. Q. Maki was delighted to see one of the characters of Jollitown. Mr. Q did some intro about the new season of Jollitown, the time that it will be aired and the station where to watch it. As the event continues, they takes off from the plot of the new season, it’s about the broken magical clock tower DingDangDong. It’s up to Jollibee and friends to find a way how to put DingDangDong back together. Along the way, they meet new characters like the futuristic Mr. Tom Morrow who wants to make Jollitown futuristic with the help of his robots which was accidentally gone out of control and somewhat tore some of the places in Jollitown. In this part, kids and parents in the event spent some time helping rebuild Jollitown by playing tons of fun-filled activities. Unfortunately, Maki and I weren’t able to join some of the games because of my son’s problem with mascots. Anyway, he did enjoy it from a far. Another highlight of the event was the interactive and awe-inspiring art performance by the members of the My Masterpiece Movement. They totally painted and colored the entire Jollitown plus guests and kids were captivated by the time-travel journey.
Jollitown9 Jollitown6
“With Jollitown, it has always been our goal to entertain and impart values to children. To further strengthen this endeavor, we made the new season even more dynamic and fun to effectively reach out to the show’s young audience,” says Twinkle Aniceto, Jollibee brand manager.
“More than developing the kids’ skills, the activities are really about helping one another. And that’s also what we want to show in this new season of Jollitown. We want to continue helping parents impart good values to their children,” shares Collen Nigudula-Ducusin, Jollibee marketing manager.
Jollitown14 Jollitown3
To end the day of fun and excitement, the kids and kids at heart were treated to an entertaining performance by Jollibee, Popo, Hetty, Twirlie and Yum.
My son Maki will be for sure be up for an adventure-filled season as he catches the entire cast of Jollitown onscreen together with new characters, amazing musical numbers, enchanted travels, and cool learning.
Jollitown2 Jollitown8 Jollitown10 Jollitown5
Starting July 17, Jollitown fans can catch their favorite jolly characters at a new home and timeslot. Join the delightful gang of Jollibee and friends in Jollitown season 4 as it airs on ABS-CBN every Sunday at 9:00 am.
I’m sure my son Maki will be up early during Sundays.
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