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Saturday, July 16

Daddy Day Care: Nestea & Bagets

Just another simple family time today, we don’t have any events or activities outside the realm of our house. Though there are some online works to finish, still, I’m inside the boundary of our house so communication with my family is intact. Good thing that I was able to at least finished some of my online works.


What I like about Saturdays is that I get to rest together with my kids and my wife. There’s no rush or any stress, we get time to take naps when we feel sleepy, and we get to have a simple snack together when we’re hungry. Snacks don’t have to be expensive if you really want to eat together with your family. All you need is something to eat, something to drink and a lot of stories to talk about. So for this afternoons snack we had a Nestea iced tea litro pack and a sweet mixture of ube, beans, leche plan and buko which is called Bagets. Nestea Iced Tea cost Php10.00 and the Bagets cost Php 15.00 each, my wife bought four hoping that our son Maki would like to eat it. Unfortunately, Maki don’t like that sweet because it is his first time to see something like it. So mainly our snack only cost around Php 40.00 because we get to have the other two Bagets for our desert after dinner. We spent almost more than an hour in front of the house talking and chatting. After that we went back inside the house. Simple but it is nice having a connection within the family.

How about you? How did you spend your time today?

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