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Wednesday, July 6

The Flash Mob Story

As a Dad, younger fellow bloggers would often call me “Kuya” (brother), it is okay since I’m really much older than them though there are some who would look at me as if I’m only mid-20s which is good for me because they see me younger than my actual age. So, “Kuya” (brother) or “Toto” (little kid), becoming a blogger does really help a lot and what I like most of it is that I gain lots of friends. Not only the number of friends that I am counting but also some of their insights about a certain topic or thing. Also it is interesting to know their feelings while experiencing some events that they are in to just like this blog post and the video which was made and taken by Gab. An Advil Flash Mob happened last July 1.

It is great that Gab was on the right angle and on the right time to view the entire scene of the flash mob. I would really tell that Gab is sure one good blogger because he is like a boy scout “Laging Handa” (always prepared)!

I think the idea of spreading a leaflets or flyers with a warning and having a scripted fight scene can really catch the attention of the people around the park. Plus, according to Gab, the sudden change of ambience and the music does really make everyone including him changed their reactions and wonder. Though it makes most of the people in the Park wonder, adults will eventually react an “Aahh” to the mascots but for the kids it’s quite different as Gab explains that the little boy hid at the back of his mother.

Like in any other movie, cartoon series, anime, and even in tokusatsu (a Japanese term for live-action film featuring superheroes) most mobs would make a scene in a park to let the superheroes come out of their hiding place. That’s the usual flow of the hero and villain story and that’s what the legion of pain does. Bodypain, Headache, Toothache and Dysmenorrhea make a scene to let Tabletman comes out in public to protect the people, unfortunately, and like in technology there were upgraded ones and the obsolete ones. Tabletman falls in the obsolete category which is entirely no match with the legion of pain. What’s amazing is that though old generations are becoming obsolete, still, there are new generations coming out that are more improve and better than the old ones. That’s the time that the Advil Liqui Force comes in and fought with the legion of pain. Like in any other stories the good guys always wins. Good triumphs over evil, happy ending.

A creative ad like that does makes me watch and record it just what Gab did. It was fun having watched the video and it was almost like experiencing it. As I have said Gab is like a boy scout “Laging Handa” (always ready) and being always ready means that you’re fast just like what the flash mob scene is showing about Advil Liqui-Gel, it is fast and effective in relieving pains.
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