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Friday, July 29

Green Lantern Toys: Hal Jordan

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Now we are featuring the final and the main character of the Green Lantern toy series, the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. The Earth’s very own Green Lantern. The Hal Jordan action figure package is composed of the Hal Jordan, a small Green Lantern Lamp, and a piece of the largest collect and connect figure which is composed of 14 collectible pieces. By the way the name of the collect and connect figure is called Parallax which became the main enemy of the Green Lantern Corp. In the entire story of Green Lantern and according to what I have read, there quite few characters in the DC Comics that became the Green Lantern. Some of them are Alan Scot, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan. Of all the characters of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan is the most famous of all.
Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan8 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan9
The Hal Jordan action figure is what a real action figure should be, because of the mobility of its body parts. The head can be twisted and it can also be nod. The entire arms are really movable.  Just like a real persons arms which can be twisted, turned, and rotated from the shoulders down to the fist. The torso can also be twisted, giving the entire half of the body with a little feel how it moves. The entire legs as well are movable, from the hips down to the ankle are astoundingly movable. So if you love stop motion movies you can actually use the Green Lantern Character to make your own version of a stop motion animated movie.
 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan1 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan2 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan3 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan4 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan5 Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan6Green-Lantern-Hal-Jordan7
The entire figure is made of mainly pbc plastic materials which are commonly used in any other manufactured action figure toys. It is really good for the grownups and kids ages 4 years old and up.  Perhaps, it can also be played by kids 3 years old and below if and when there’s supervision of parents but I discourage that because they might get some parts that could choke them. Prize wise, I’m not sure how much it is but for sure this will be really worth the cost.

That’s complete our Green Lantern toy series and I do hope that you can find your ideal Green Lantern toy to choose from.

More toys to come and more toys to be featured here in this blog.
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