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Friday, July 8

Green Lantern Toys Introduction

How many of you have tried to watch animated cartoons like Justice League, Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern? For sure moms are not mostly into this but dads, this is their era. Though the old animated cartoon series are not that detailed like the new ones being shown these days, Dads are still addicted to this. Well I don’t know about the others but me it’s a for sure. I sometimes join with son watching those animated cartoons but not the Sponge Bob type.

Lately, famous superheroes from different comic book companies are being made into movies and debuting into the big screen. One of them is the Green Lantern of the DC comics. As I can remember during my childhood days the Character Green Lantern is not much very well known unlike the other members of the Justice Leagues. Anyway, I think superheroes have different eras to be famous.


To give readers a little background about Green Lantern according to what knowledge I have about the character, Green Lantern is a fictional character created by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell during the 1940s. The first Green Lantern’s name was Allan Scott and his ring is magically powered. The publication of comic books declined after the World War II. 1959 DC comics revived the Green Lantern, this time the characters was a test pilot named Hal Jordan and this time the story of the ring’s power were technologically created by the Guardians of the Universe, basically called as the Green Lantern Corps, who grants the ring to worthy individual . The Green Lantern’s power basically comes from the ring which was powered by a battery (lantern) and the will power of the bearer.


After the filming of the Green Lantern and perhaps after promoting the possible movie showing, toy companies, for sure, get rights to produce different action figures of the Green Lantern. MATTEL, Inc. is one of those companies who were given the rights to produced Green Lantern Action Figures and I’m lucky to be one of those person, through their partner/distributor here in the Philippines, who will try and experience the toys for myself and of course for my son who’s the main reason why I have a section like this here in my blog.  To know toys that is appropriate for my kids and to know if they need to be guided when playing such toys.


There were three Green Lantern characters/action figures that I’ll be reviewing and perhaps recommendations for the parents as well, namely Kilowog, Tomar-re, and of course the main character of the Green Lantern, the Green Lantern Hal Jordan.  So this is just an introduction for the Green Lantern Toys review series.

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