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Friday, July 15

Green Lantern Toys: Kilowog

I’ll be reviewing first the minor characters. To start with is Kilowog.

Kilowog is the well known trainers of the Green Lantern Corps new recruits. He is renowned with his ability to push rookies to their limits and Hal Jordan is one of those new recruits. Kilowog comes from the planet Bolovax Vik, known as the Sector 674 in the Green Lantern Corps and is the last of his race.

Green-Lantern-Kilowog8 Green-Lantern-Kilowog7 Green-Lantern-Kilowog6

The Kilowog action figure set comes with a Green Lantern Ring which is just right for children’s fingers aging from 4 years old and above. Aside from the ring, this action figure comes with neon green Energy Blast Adaptor which connects to most construct that is sold separately. Base on the look and design of the toy it is made of the usual materials used on action figure toys, plastic materials or PBC plastic. If you’re going to look at the character closely you’ll definitely know the personality of the character. Stiff, tough, intimidating and strict! That’s what Kilowog looks in which the designer of the toy did show it there on the action figure.

Green-Lantern-Kilowog4 Green-Lantern-Kilowog5

The action figure in review doesn’t only allow us to look at it but also to have a chance to play with it. Part of playing is the mobility of each part of the action figure’s body. It is one of the main concerns by most kids and kids-at-heart who play action figure toys. For this specific toy, only chosen parts are movable, first is the head which can be rotated, second is the arms which can be rotated also, third is the waist or the half of the body can be rotated as well, and of course the leg part which can be moved forward and backward. The only things that are not bendable are the elbow and the knee part. I don’t know if is intentionally made like that to have a very stiff look or just plain idea that the designer don’t want it to be that way. For whatever the reason is, I really don’t know.

Green-Lantern-Kilowog3 Green-Lantern-Kilowog2 Green-Lantern-Kilowog Green-Lantern-Kilowog9

Safety wise of the toy, it is not really recommended for kids three years old and below due to some small parts that might choke the kid. As we all know kids love to put most of their toys to their mouth that’s why toys like this are intended only for four years old and above. If you’re kids would really want to play with it and you cannot hold them from playing with it just make sure that you’re always there playing with them.

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