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Friday, July 22

Green lantern Toys: Tomar-Re

For today toy in Friday toys we are featuring the second minor character in the Green Lantern. The name of the character is Tomar-Re! So who is Tomar-Re?


According to some information on the net Tomar-Re was an alien, a Xudarian race from the planet Xudar. He was the close friends of Abin Sur which later on replaced by Hal Jordan. Just like Abin Sur, Tomar-Re became one of Hal Jordans friends and support during difficult times.

Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re3 Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re9

The Tomar-Re action figure is the smallest of the three toys that has been release by Mattel. The mobility of the toy is limited because the only parts that can be rotated are the head, the arms and the legs. So unlike Kilowog, the figure that can be posed in Tomar-Re is less.

Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re2 Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re8

The Tomar-Re action figure comes with a battle shifter. So mainly it is a whole package that comes with another toy. Scorpion Assault Tomar-Re is the name of the whole package because of the battle shifter that comes with it. The battle shifter does not look exactly the same as a scorpion but is actually a representation only. It is a shield that transform into a Scorpion Assault when slightly pressed. Tomar-Re uses this shield when engaging in battle. I think it is much better if the arms, legs, and torso have the mobility like the toy Kilowog.

Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re5 Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re7 Green-Lantern-Tomar-Re6

The toy got some parts that can really cause choking when played by kids lower the 3 years old. So parents be attentive if the little ones might get a hold of this toy. Always be safe when giving toys to your kids.

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