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Saturday, July 30

How did you propose?

I know for sure, guys who are married got their own shares of unique wedding proposal.  It may be simple like just having a dinner for two and then you’ll going to pop out an engagement ring out of nowhere or a simple walk in a beach admiring the beauty of the place and soon after admiring how you love her by kneeling down with an engagement ring on your hand.  Some even go beyond and make impossible possible with whatever resources that they have.  One classic example is renting the entire restaurant for a night with some musicians playing classical music then the guy will pull out a ring which he specifically choose from a design your own engagement rings jewelry shop and with a loud voice will ask for the woman if she could marry him.  Whatever the style, the presentation, and the way proposal are presented it only boils down to one thing “Will she accept what you are offering”.  Fortunately I got mine accepted and now we’re going on our 6th year of marriage with two kids. 

My marriage proposal was just simple.  I did try to know where to buy some diamond ring that is just right for my budget.  Unfortunately, there’s none that fits into my budget.  There were some friends who suggested where to buy diamonds online then look for someone who can make the ring locally and in according to my specifications but unluckily budget is still one of the main problem.   Well to make the story short I ended up with a nice cute silver crafted ring with some small stones on it.  Not cheap but right enough to make the proposal complete.   So where did I propose?  Well, it’s in one of the lovely beaches in Batangas.  Not well known but I find lovely.  It’s a two family outing which later on turns out to an event asking for the permission of her father.  Thankfully her father agrees and as well both families gave their blessings to both of us. 

There are guys who would really try to go beyond their capacity to have a very unique wedding proposal and some even try to have the very fancy engagement rings which were bought in famous jewelry stores in los angeles, in paris, in houston, and in some other part of the world, it’s awesome that guys get too creative for their special someone.  There are two videos of wedding proposals that I really find great.  Enjoy watching!

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