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Monday, July 4

Monday Rush: Contest Result & Articles

Another cramming moment for me and I find it so hard to joggle my time. Of course I want to make enough time for family as well, especially now that my eldest is already attending school I need to give time for him to help him make his assignments and studies. Aside from my wife teaching him, I also attend to his needs. It’s really enjoying teaching your kids especially once he does it without your help.

Now, my problem is that I got so many pending articles to make and contest tally sheet to finalize. Hah! Plus add up the schedule articles that I am writing in this blog and on my other blogs. It’s really hard to make finish articles when you’re not in the mood to make and create a very nice one. I just hope that I find more inspiration to write the articles and of course less distractions from any of the things that surrounds me. Also I got some few items that I need to finish reviewing. I really got a very hectic schedule this week. Whew! I think once I finished all of this I really need a very good time to make a rest together with my family. Hay…!

How about you? Do you have anything to finish?

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