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Monday, July 18

Monday Rush: Her Blog

MAG Life
Well, Monday Rush has not made any rush articles these past few Mondays err actually there are lots of rush things to do and one of them is joining the contests but it seems that I am becoming a little bit lazy to do things. It’s just like one of Bruno Mars song “The Lazy Song”. Here’s one of its line “…today I’m not doing anything…” But I really have to do things I just need some boost and a little tap on my shoulder about how I was doing. Also I need to make double effort because my wife has decided to blog again. She became fond of joining contest and attending events. Unfortunately, I still need to teach her more about blogging. Anyway, good thing that she’s taking interest again in blogging. Now we can have two chances on most of the contests if she’s eligible already. Her blog is on general topic, mainly she can write about anything that she wants but for now my wife is trying to put a topic each day of the week. Of course her main concerns are all about us, the MAG (Marco, Anarc & Gelo) of her life. Her blog is MAG of My Life.
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