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Wednesday, July 27

Sparkling Advocacy

Whenever I read or hear the word diamonds, there are two things that I remember. One is the song “Diamonds are Girls Best Friend” and the other one is the movie “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”. Why? Let us just say that it is something that I associate with the word diamonds. Diamonds are truly girls’ best friend because diamonds reflects the beauty of every girl who wears it. Diamonds creates a sparkling light that catches the attention of every man. For the girls diamonds make them feel good whether it is a plain diamond ring, a fancy one like the 3 stone princess diamond ring, or a necklace with full of diamonds, as long as it has diamond.

On the movie “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”, the story touches something about diamonds which led the leading man to grab the bet of making a woman fall in love in ten days. If you have watch the movie then you’ve probably know what happened. It got sparkling diamonds and glaring beauties.

Diamonds can be found in most jewelry stores but having a very exquisite and extraordinary design can only be seen in such known and popular places. One of them is the Jewelry store in Houston. They got a wide variety of diamonds which are considered class A1 in the diamond industry. Some of them are the AGS ideal diamonds, Round Ideal Cut diamond or the A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows, the Ideal Princess Cut diamond or the A CUT ABOVE Princess and a whole lot more.

This diamond company adheres to some humanitarian treaties and agreements with regards to the sources of their diamonds. They make sure that the quality of diamonds that they are getting is not a product of conflicts in certain countries. They also make sure that they are helping the community not destroying it, by that the company initiated a funding program for the children in Africa. For every sales of a designer line of conflict-free diamonds 100% of it goes to the fund. So if you’re looking for great diamond ring to present to your fiancĂ© or future wife it is better that you choose any of the best conflict free diamond engagement rings and help the children in Africa.
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