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Thursday, August 4

Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since Hot Stuffs Are @ Nuffnang

Just got this new email from Nuffnang. Good thing that they always send me emails of good stuff that they want to give to their members. So the phrase goes like this…

“Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since Hot Stuffs Are @ Nuffnang”

Bloggers who became part of Nuffnang have already experienced numerous hot stuffs, from movies, contest, events and some other stuff. Since Nuffnang always get the best things in town, Nuffnang bloggers get it first and they get to be the first to experience it. So who ever get it first becomes the hottest thing and if being first is hot then being at Nuffnang is totally hot.

If Cowboys and Aliens are hot partners then you could say that Nuffnang and Pizza Hut are the hottest team ever to provide block screening of Cowboys and Aliens, starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford which will happen at Gateway Cinema.
Pizza Hut: Hot on the Dot!

I’m sure most of us want our pizza hot! So Pizza Hut now offers Hot on the Dot Pizza deliveries: 30 minutes AND hot (as indicated by the thermally activated sticker you place on the pizza box upon receiving your pizza) or your pizza is FREE! You can also dial 911-11-11 if you want your pizzas Hot on the Dot!
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