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Friday, August 5

College Kicks

I remember when I was still in college I joined a martial arts group called DIMAA. It is a group which practices integrated martial arts. I think I was in second year college during that time. Though I wasn’t able to finish the first degree of the ladder I was able to gain knowledge about martial arts and it did help me in some ways.

Now there are different kinds of self-defense which aims to help people in protecting themselves and maintaining discipline. They differ on every location and every country, some are simple and others are too complicated to learn. Some of these are the taekwondo, aikido, karate, jui jitsu, and a number of martial arts. In some places they offer classes for kids and adults like in Idahou, there is a school of martial arts the teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Boise, Jiu Jitsu Boise, and it also teaches Karate for Kids Meridian. Though martial arts have been quiet for quite some time I think more people needs to learn the art, not only the way of defending once self but also the art of having discipline with in.

For me as a Dad I would definitely let my two kids join in any martial art group. I want them to learn to be more disciplined and also to defend themselves when they have to.
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