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Saturday, August 20

Daddy Day Care: Grocery Bonding

This is the time when Moms are supposed to stay home and take care of the baby while Dads go to the grocery store together with the other kid.  Yes, it's our time to bond and we have a pretty nice bonding session.  We get to roam around the Metro.  This is not our usual bonding time because mainly when Maki and I bond we just went to the mall near our place and do some stuff together. Of course stuff that we both like and that is playing in Tom's World.  Unfortunately, we couldn't do that for this time because of financial instability.

Anyway, bonding time doesn't always have to be play time and spending time, sometimes grocery time get be good way also to have a special moment together with the kids.  On our side this our event.  For the reason that mommy is not feeling well and she needs to take care of Gelo that's why we two are task to make simple grocery, which we do hope that mommy won't have any critics about.

First adventure was our way to North Edsa, as per Mommy, there's a supermarket there that accepts the GC that we have.  So, on with the journey!  We got there, at last, after an hour of sweats inside the jeepney because of a very bad weather.   Wet and sticky, Maki and I went to the CR to change clothes.  Good thing that I learned from my wife to bring a bunch of clothes.  You'll never know what might happen so it is better to be prepared.

Scouting around the mall we weren't able to find the said establishment so I decided to go to Cubao and let Maki experience another train ride.  So the next journey was from North Edsa to Cubao.   When we're in the train Maki looked for the billboard of Bangis.  I was amazed that he was able to remember that billboard after his first two travel through the Metro Railways.  We arrived at Cubao. We roamed around the malls in Cubao while looking for the establishment that we were looking for.  After a few minutes we did find the place.  We inquire first if they are accepting the GC that we have.  Fortunately we don't have to go somewhere else.  So we grab a push cart with a car design and Maki rode inside of it.

We really have to always refer to the grocery list so that we won't go beyond to how much we should spend because our finances during that time was only limited.  Any miscalculation about the grocery items would be very bad for us because we won't have extra money for our early dinner.   So mainly we survived and was able to got most of the items in the grocery list.

Next stop was our early dinner.  While walking along the streets in Cubao we manage to take some shots.  Actually it was only Maki who's in the picture.  We ate at Mang Inasal!  Of course I love the chicken and the extra rice.   I ordered Maki with a single order and I'm sure he'll be full after that meal.  We even got a halo-halo as desert.  After the meal we're both full and we decided to go then.

It was like a road trip.  We got home around 7 pm, I think.  It was fun and Maki was quite tired that he fell asleep on our way home.

Good bonding time!
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