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Friday, August 5

Friday Toys: Blok Squad

Today’s featured toy is similar to the famous building block toys. This can be stacked together to form a desired object or the designated figure that is supposed to be formed. The stacking of blocks can really heighten the creativity of every kid that will play something like this. I remember that when I was a child I love to form all the images or figure that can be form out of those pieces of toys. It’s more like a puzzle to me. It made me stay and try to finish assembling the toy.

Blok Squad was created by Mega Bloks . They got five sets to collect and play with if you like to complete the entire collection of Blok Squad which was all mainly about rescue and construction vehicles. For this primary toy that we have it is called the Fire Patrol Rescue. The whole set comes with a 190 pieces that you can use to create a Fire Patrol Rescue theme. Aside from the Fire Patrol Rescue theme, they also got the coastal and beach rescue theme, the construction theme, boat rescue, and other toys that are inter connectible.

Now this is where parents should be very cautious, the Blok Squad or any stacking and forming objects has small parts that need to be guided by older people around them. You’ll never know what would might happen if the kids are playing with it. It is better safe than sorry at all.
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