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Friday, August 19

Friday Toys: Captain America Mask

I know that the Captain America movie has already over but I still can't get over not to make any review or post about Captain America toys.  Perhaps it has been one of my childhood action superhero that's why there's no way that I will not post anything about it.

Okay so what I'm going to share for today is a simple mask that I'm sure kids would love to play around with it.   I have not actually hold the mask, I only saw it on the website of Toy Kingdom.  So here's the picture of the mask.
Image from Toy Kingdom
I'm not really sure if it is a plastic or a cloth but from the looks of it on the picture it seems plastic.  So this mask will fit only to the right size of the kids head.  Now if it fits that would be nice to look at.  The mask costume is sure going to be a hit this coming Halloween party.  Anyway, all you need is the body costume.  So parents if you want to get your kids this Captain America Mask just drop by at the Toy Kingdom store.  Don't worry I don't get  any commission from posting or suggesting this toy but if they're going to, why not.  Hehehe.

So that's my toy post for now hope that I could bring more toys and reviews for kids, parents, and kids-at-heart.
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