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Wednesday, August 10

High Tech Tubs for the Babies

Hands on Dads doesn’t have to be always left behind of the good techie stuff, so in order to be always on the track of new tech gadget I indulge myself in reading and learning of what’s new in the net. So here I was browsing for some new gadgets and techie stuff when I stumble upon this gadget. Take note Dads always think of what would be best for their kids, so even in the midst of browsing for personal stuff, it’s always on the look for kids and baby stuff. It’s a Cleanwater Baby Bathtub with temp reading. . I found this gadget at with a link to I just do hope that sharing the product picture here won’t charge me of pics burglar (laughing our loud). So for the benefit of the readers here’s the picture. (I’ll just link it to where it came from.)
Image from

This gadget looks well for the babies and it is also best for first time parents. I don’t know if some of the Dads participate in bathing their babies but I do remember the time when I helped my wife bathing our babies. The first time was really not good, I felt nervous that I might do something awful. The testing of temperature, the draining of dirty water, and the pouring new clean water was something that at least should be minimize with this new gadget that I have found.

Some of the features of this bathtub are…

  • Baby bathtub drains out the dirty water for a cleaner baby
  • Color-coded thermometer makes it easy to set the perfect temperature
  • Cleanwater reservoir holds fresh water for rinsing
  • Includes bath sponge for added newborn support
  • Rinse cup included
  • Fits most single and double basin sinks.

So perhaps Dads can do the bathing time alone with their babies if moms go to the office or to the market. It will be much easier and safer.

Image from
 So if you want for some more details about the product visit You can also check the prize of the product and if you like you can also order it there.

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