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Wednesday, August 3

My Properties... Soon!

One of my Dream Houses! photo from

As I am looking at my family, I get to wonder what it will be a few years after. Though I know I could squeeze in my two boys in just one room, at least if that’s what they want once they started growing, still we would need a much bigger house. I’m not really much sure what lies ahead in the future but there’s only one thing that I want to do at present, make sure that my family will be secured physically, financially and emotionally.

God has always been there for us. He has always showed and directed us to people and places that could help us during those times of difficulties. Blessings always comes when you least expected it. All it needs is a sincere prayer of surrender and thanks.

As a father I always dream of owning big houses, especially in known places in the world like in Florida, Paris, Spain or even in Mallorca. I believe Immobilien Mallorca is really becoming popular because of their great property offers. For now I only dreamed of having one of the biggest properties that Mallorca Immobilien can offer but of course I need to do more work if I wanted my family to have houses and properties in other countries. If I could be as wealthy as Pacman I’m sure I’ll be having my own villas or mansion in PropertiesMallorca.

For now we’re settling ourselves with what we have and working to own one soon.
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